B2C Evidence Trading

  • Adding value to T11

    Three Pin Evidence will provide an approved AATF that will be able to support ATF’s and T11’s with full guidance on generating the necessary paperwork and systems to be entitled to earn payments from their qualifying B2C recycling activities.

  • AATF evidence brokerage

    Three Pin Evidence can also facilitate an evidence trading arrangement with its chosen Producer Compliance scheme on behalf of AATF’s that may wish to secure evidence funding on some or all of their qualifying B2C recycling.

  • WEEE evidence guidance

    Under the WEEE directive, ‘Producers’ have an obligation to contribute towards the costs involved in the recycling of products that their new item sales have displaced. This can generate valuable funds to licensed recyclers and we can work with you to facilitate these relationships.

  • Compliance to directives

    There are various obligations placed upon businesses regarding the current revised WEEE Directive. We can provide advice on how the Directive applies to your business and advise on any costs or benefits it may create for you.

  • Producer obligations

    If you are a manufacturer, importer or distributor of Electrical products, you may need to review your position regarding responsibilities under the WEEE directive. We can provide expert advice and support, independent of any Producer Compliance scheme.

Please click here to download our B2C Evidence Trading Guidance Document.

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  • Evidence Trading

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