What We Do

We provide a complete service for the compliant disposal of WEEE.

Our services include all of the following;

  • IT Recycling

    Collection, transportation and documentation for all IT recycling.
    We always ensure full compliance to all the data protection act and automatically check for any potential data that needs to be destroyed.

  • Secure Data Destruction

    We offer a full range of data destruction from data wiping to physical destruction of hardware in accordance with our customers preferences.

    Our services also include product destruction on behalf of Trading Standards or other organisations that require certified product destruction.

  • Asset Management

    We can provide an asset management service to customers that need a documented audit trail for disposal and a materials breakdown report.

  • Compliance Guidance

    We advise companies on appropriate storage and disposal methods for WEEE as well as providing obligated producers of new equipment on managing their obligations. We also provide guidance on applying for EA licences in the WEEE sector.

  • WEEE Recycling

    Through out network of Partners we can offer WEEE Recycling Solutions on all sorts of WEEE waste.